Huge tuna speared in Hawaii by free diver

Think fishing for big tuna from a boat is extreme? Try holding your breath for several minutes, free diving 60 feet down into the silent blue abyss with a massive speargun, and waiting for a giant fish to swim by!
Wendell Ko, a spearfishing expert from Oahu, landed an incredible 188 pound tuna after doing just that.

------------UPDATE: To see the full account, pictures, and video, click HERE-----------

I just spent an incredible day with Ko and his spearfishing pals in Kona, Hawaii with Captain Bomboy Llanes on the Lana Kila and have the most amazing photos and video from this adventure. I've been on the water everyday so I haven't had much time to devote to this story, but soon I'll start putting some more up on this blog, and also on my main fishing photography website which you can see by clicking here.

If you enjoy reading about extreme adventure sports, this story and photos are a must see, so check back soon to see how Ko and his buddies fended off sharks, pushed their physical limits, and landed the biggest tuna I've ever seen in my life!

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