Fishing Photographer's Giant Marlin Photo on Magazine Cover

The huge 600 pound marlin that bounced off the press boat, broke hook, and swam to freedom at the 2010 Hawaiian International Billfish Tournament (HIBT) continues to make big fish news!
The picture shown above that I took as the big fish was jumping towards our press boat is now on the cover of Marlin Magazine's March 2012 issue. Yahoo!
I wonder how that big girl is doing now? You probably know that most large marlin are females. Hopefully the fish is continuing to reproduce and eating 100 pound tuna for snacks in the middle of the Pacific Ocean.
If you don't remember this famous fish tale, click here to see how this marlin was one of the top photos and news stories of the summer of 2010.


Dorado, mahi, or dolphin fish. Whatever you call it, here's my newest cover!

This is the newest issue of Australia's Bluewater Magazine with a photo that I took in Nicaragua.
People on the East Coast of the USA call it a dolphin fish, while Hawaiians and the seafood industry call it Mahi Mahi. If you go where they speak Spanish it's called a dorado. They jump like crazy and are very hard to capture on film. In addition, the moment you bring them aboard, they lose their color and turn green-brown, so it's hard top get good shots of them. If that weren't enough, they go absolutely ballistic when they are in the boat and they can be dangerous to handle because they are often attached to a set of large hooks.
They often travel in schools. The bull male has that weird looking "Lurch" forehead and the female is usually smaller with a more gently sloping forehead. For a huge thrill, try catching them from a kayak!