Bluewater Jon appearing on National Geographic

Hi everyone, Jon here! As you may know, last January I hooked, fought,and released 8 striped marlin from a kayak in 2 days off of Cabo San Lucas. I brought a pro videographer with me, and he did a great job of getting all of the action on high-def video.
Soon after I returned, I got a call from National Geographic- they wanted to me to be part of the Hooked: Fish Gone Wild! episode that they were working on. They sent a producer and video crew down here to San Diego and we did a day's worth of interviews, as well as shots that re-created the original action. See, on the original shoot in Baja, all of the footage I had was shot from a boat that was about 30 yards away from me and my kayak, so they wanted to put their cameraman in the water and get some closeup shots for variety. It will be interesting to see how it all comes out, with scenes from the two seperate shoots edited together!
The show will premiere on Sunday, October 19 at 8PM. Here is Nat Geo's site where you can get more info about air times:
If you want to see some of the action in a very low-resolution youtube video (not from Nat Geo- just a quick snippet that I assembled when I returned last January), here is a link: