HIBT Kona Hawaii Marlin Fishing Tournament begins NOW!!

Jon Schwartz reporting from Kona, Hawaii to announce that the 2010 Hawaiian International Billfish Tournament is boarding anglers onto the famous Kona fishing fleet as we speak! Anglers from all over the world have streamed into this famous fishing town to hook monster marlin and engage in big fish mayhem. I've got to run down to the docks right now and board the press boat!!
The above shot is a huge marlin crashing a lure, the below is one thrashing the surface and then being released. Hopefully I'll get some great images today from the press boat as I follow anglers in their quest to battle monster marlin that can weigh nearly 2000 pounds! Check back later today for all the latest news and photos! In the meantime scroll to earlier posts to read about the fishing scene here, or go to my website to see the articles I've written about different types of fishing here in Kona.

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