Giant Bonefish! Fishing Photos from my trip to Oahu, Hawaii

Here is a picture of a huge bonefish that I took in Oahu, Hawaii.
Oahu is what's called a "sleeper" spot for massive bonefish. There are plenty of big ones there.  I wrote an article about the trip in Saltwater Sportsman Magazine.
After witnessing the sheer number and size of enormous specimens, I asked my friend and guide Captain Mike Hennessy, "Mike, I don't get it. Why would anyone go anywhere else when they can fly to Honolulu and be in the flats stalking these monsters within site of Waikiki and Diamond Head?"
He explained that it's "varsity" fishery; the fish are incredibly hard to catch, and fly fishing enthusiasts that aren't on top of their techniques can get their hats handed to them by the largest fish. Fortunately the fish cooperated and I got a lot of great shots!
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