Fishing for Giant Bonefish in Hawaii: My New Article in Saltwater Sportsman Magazine

Bonefish in Hawaii get HUGE! I went to Oahu last summer to get photos and content for a how-to/travel article that I wrote for Saltwater Sportsman on these prized fish. I spent a week with Capt. Mike Hennessy watching him put his clients of these monsters, which can grow to 16-plus pounds.  Here are some underwater bonefish photos and pictures.


Capt Rusty Hook said...

Hello Jon
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Ryan said...

Nice shots. I found your blog today on OBN... hitting the "follow" button right now. =)

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Albert A Rasch said...

Great photos! Found you through Outdoor Bloggers Network! Great to have you on board, and looking forward to reading your blog regularly!

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Anonymous said...

I hope this information clears up the Dolphin, dolphin question for you.

“The capitalized word “Dolphin” is used in this article specifically for Coryphaena hippurus. The uncapitalized word “dolphin” refers to both species in the family Coryphaenidae. This usage demonstrates another reason for capitalizing the approved common names of species (Williams and Bunkley-Williams, 2003). The common name “Dolphin” has been used for hundreds of years. The suggestion is frequently made that it is confused with the mammals that are also called “dolphins.” This is simply not true. “Dolphin” was an approved common name. The approved common names of all dolphin (mammals) have modifiers besides the word dolphin (e.g., Bottlenose Dolphin).”

Information taken from:
Williams, Ernest H., Bunkley-Williams, Lucy. (2010).Checklist of the Parasites of Dolphin, Coryphaena hippurus, and Pompano Dolphin, C. equiselis, with New Records, Corrections and Comments on the Literature. Reviews in Fisheries Science, 18(1), 73-93.

Have a great day, and you have a great website.